Whew, that was fun

Thank you all for participating in this year's workshop! Despite some madcap scrambling, a few "don't look here" warnings, and some mysterious clanking under the hood that come with getting your hands on pre-release software, we think this might have been the best workshop that we've ever hosted. But still... maybe it could have been better? 

We've put together a survey to help us find out what we did right, what we could have done better, and what we didn't do but should have. It's got a lot of questions, but feel free to skip around and answer just what you have time for. After giving us a week, we only want to ask for a few minutes more if you've got them. 

Take the Post-Workshop Survey

Workshop Videos Coming Soon! 

We recorded all of the daily talks, and are busily editing them down and sprucing them up for publication. We plan to put full-length screencasts as well as quick two-minute demos up on the wiki as soon as they are ready. We're estimating that's about three weeks away. 

Still Working On Your Practicals?

In a few cases, we tried to squeeze in more practical content than we had time to present. However, with your XNAT Vagrant VMs in hand and the practical walkthrough instructions on your screen, it's easy to pick up where we left off. If you run into any issues, feel free to comment directly in our wiki, or ask a question of the larger XNAT developer community by posting to the XNAT Discussion Google Group


Let's Try This Wiki Thing Again

Last week we announced that we had launched a wiki dedicated to XNAT Workshop content, which we did. We announced that we had created login accounts for all of our attendees, which we did. We also announced that we had sent emails to each of you with your login information ... which apparently did not happen. So let's try this again.

If you did not receive a wiki login email, please contact us at

The first thing you'll want to do is set your password, which you can do here: Reset Your XNAT Workshop Wiki Password

Once you do that, you'll have create and edit access on the 2016 Workshop wiki.

The second thing you'll want to do, hopefully, is tell us and the rest of the Workshop attendees a little about yourself. We have taken the responses from those that filled out our survey, and added them to our new Workshop Attendees page. If you don’t see your name listed or would like your information changed, please login to the wiki and edit the page to include your preferred information. If you hate editing wikis, feel free to just to drop us an email with the information and we’ll add it to the page for you.


A Quick Reminder on Technical Requirements

With a little more than two weeks before the start of the workshop, this is the perfect opportunity to ensure that you have a laptop ready to bring that meets our Technical Requirements for deploying a local copy of XNAT and participating in practical sessions. Please visit the wiki to review those specifications. In our next email update, we will be finalizing our list of downloadable materials to prepare for the workshop and its practical sessions.

Workshop Update #2

Full agenda and wiki now available

The full agenda, guidance on navigating around St. Louis, and other helpful resources are now available on the workshop wiki. Please take a few minutes to check it out.

Additionally, we have created Confluence wiki login accounts for each of you, so please check your emails for notifications. You can use these accounts to edit the information you provided in the survey and contribution to the hackathon projects. (If you have any trouble logging into Confluence, contact us at

Oh, and if you haven't completed the survey yet, please do so now. Otherwise, you'll end up leaving the workshop with a really tiny t-shirt.

Get your laptops ready for the workshop 

The Workshop will feature lectures each morning and practicals in the afternoons. To participate in the practical sessions, attendees are expected to bring a laptop sufficiently powered to run XNAT virtual machines. Please check out the hardware and software prerequisites page for details.

Tell us about your Guest Talk and Hackathon Project ideas

We know you like hearing us talk about XNAT, but our favorite part is meeting the XNAT community and hearing about what you're up to.  Perhaps you're even willing to get up at the podium yourself to tell us about your XNAT-related projects. Sign up to give a talk.

Those of you who have worked with XNAT already no doubt have ideas for improvements or brand new features that you'd love to exist. Perhaps several of you have the same idea, and would benefit from teaming up with each other and an XNAT developer? Why not give is a go and propose a hackathon project idea.

The workshop is now just a few weeks away, and we are finalizing details of the agenda, activity planning and catering arrangements. As a bonus, every attendee who fills out this survey will receive a free T-shirt at the workshop! (Well, actually everyone will receive a shirt, but yours will fit because we'll be asking you for your preferred T-shirt size.) 

Take the survey now

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