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query_type* xnat_project Your XNAT project idxnat_subject_label The subject label you wish to appear in XNAT -- will also be inserted into the PatientName DICOM header 0010,0010xnat_session_label The session label you wish to appear in XNAT -- will also be inserted into the PatientID DICOM header, 0010,0020pacs_query_information Indicates the session or sessions you wish to download from the PACS. Type #3 is most common. 1 accession number 2 accession number/patient id 3 patient last name/patient first name/study date (yyyymmdd)/DOB (yyyymmdd)/modality (MR, PT, CT, US, CR, etc) Wildcards -- For type 3 queries, you can use an "*" as a wildcard (if you don't have DOB, for example). However, you should strive to make queries as specific as possible. If multiple sessions are found for the same query, a count will be appended to the cnda_session_label to ensure that each is unique, eg. xnatSubj001_MR_1, xnatSubj001_MR_2, etc.
type 1 format: pacs_accession
type 2 format: pacs_accession/pacs_patient_id
type 3 format: pacs_patient_lastname/pacs_patient_firstname/pacs_study_date/pacs_patient_dob/pacs_study_modality
* see pacs_query_information column to determine correct type