Instead of dealing with properties files on the file system prior to installation, all basic configuration settings are now available through the UI. The first time you log into your XNAT site URL in your browser, you will be taken to http://<xnat_home_url>/setup. There, you will set the following settings. 

Site Information

These values can be changed at any time after setup in the Admin UI. See XNAT Site Settings


Data Storage

These values are populated by default, and should not be changed unless you really know what you're doing. These are also "set it and forget it" values, and we highly recommend that you do not change these values on a running instance of XNAT. For details on these settings, See Understanding the Components of XNAT

SMTP Server Settings

Mail Server Settings


Once you confirm these settings, your XNAT will take a moment to configure itself, then it is ready to run and will take you to the default home page. 

Other Admin Settings

For any future changes via the Admin UI, go to the top menu and click on the Administer menu.