The Project Sync Plugin is in development and is slated to be released alongside XNAT 1.7.1


There are two primary ways to connect your XNAT to other XNAT instances. For a one-time transfer of image data with custom anonymization rules in place, we recommend using the JAAT tool. To establish a persistent data sync of all data (or selected data) for a specific project in your XNAT, we recommend the Project Sync plugin. 

Using the Joint Anonymization and Archive Transmission (JAAT) Tool

Download the JAAT tool here:

JAAT Documentation:


The JAAT Tool was developed to aid in the migration of large amounts of DICOM data for use in clinical translation projects. In these types of projects, you are assured of getting personally identifying information in your imported DICOM, unless you take steps to explicitly filter them out. JAAT provides a mechanism for the researcher to create a customized anonymization script, and have that script applied in transit on any data that is requested from the source XNAT and transferred to a destination XNAT.  

JAAT Setup and Usage Documentation

The JAAT Documentation provides an overview of how to set up JAAT, including its prerequisites: XNAT Gateway, CTP, and DCMTK. It also provides a simple use case for using JAAT to set up a data transfer. 

JAAT can also be used to migrate data from a PACS or other DICOM Application Entity to an XNAT, or it can be used to migrate and anonymize data from one project to another inside a single XNAT.