Move A Session To A New Project

When an image session is imported into the prearchive, session metadata is inspected to determine which project it should eventually be archived in. This also determines which project users can see this session in the prearchive. If no project is found, an image session will go into the "Unassigned" prearchive, which is only visible to site administrators. This REST endpoint allows admins or project owners to change the project associated with an image session.

POST - /data/services/prearchive/move


srcRequired body parameter: The location of the session relative to the prearchive path. (e.g. /prearchive/projects/Sample_Project/20140411_140005287/Sample_Session)
newProjectRequired body parameter: The ID of the destination project
asyncOptional body parameter. Default is "false"

Specify the format of the response text

  • xml (default)
  • html
  • json
  • csv

Response (JSON format)

  "ResultSet": {
    "Result": [
        "scan_time": "time",
        "status": "QUEUED_MOVING",
        "subject": "string",
        "tag": "dicom_uuid",
        "TIMEZONE": "",
        "uploaded": "datetime",
        "lastmod": "datetime",
        "scan_date": "datetime",
        "url": "string",
        "timestamp": "string",
        "prevent_auto_commit": "boolean",
        "project": "string",
        "SOURCE": "",
        "prevent_anon": "boolean",
        "autoarchive": "string",
        "name": "string",
        "folderName": "string",
        "VISIT": "string",
        "PROTOCOL": "string"