If you come across an issue with the XNAT Desktop Client that is not addressed in this page, please use this link to Report A Bug.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

I forgot my XNAT Username / Password. How can I log in?

The Desktop Client does not have tools that allow you to reset your XNAT user credentials. To do that, go to your XNAT's login page in a web browser and click "Forgot login or password?" or contact your XNAT administrator. 

I can't download image session files from XNAT 1.6.5 (or earlier)

The XML Catalog format has changed slightly from XNAT 1.6 to XNAT 1.7, and the Desktop Client application is not currently compatible with the older version. This may be addressed in the future. 

I can't install the Desktop Client on my Virtual (Mac / Win / Linux) Environment

The Desktop Application requires an embedded JRE, which for some reason is not supported in any of the virtual environments that we have tested. We spent quite a while attempting to get to the bottom of this without success. This is a known issue, but not expected to be fixed.