XNAT is a maintenance and bugfix release that addresses several blocker issues that were found in, and then in the release candidate before it could be released. We recommend that any administrators using upgrade immediately to address these issues and facilitate user workflows. 

For anyone upgrading from XNAT or earlier, consult the XNAT Release Notes, as each of those fixes and feature additions are included in this release.   

Download and Backend Issues Resolved 

Other backend improvements include handling of SOP classes, alias token cleanup, objects in context on session pages, and migration of protocol and internal documentation from the 1.6 branch of XNAT.  

UI Behaviors Improved

Other UI improvements include breadcrumb navigation on Project Settings page, and active-state styling of form buttons. 

Known Issues in the XNAT Release

The release has several known issues that will be addressed in a future release. These issues are considered to be important, but not blockers to release or significant inhibitors of most workflows. Please review these issues closely before upgrading a production version of XNAT. Contact us on the XNAT Discussion Group if you have any questions about any of these issues.

  • XNAT-5900: Cannot extend listing actions via the Manage Data Types UI
  • XNAT-5559: Support for Python scripting via the Automation console has been disabled

Compatibility Notes: 

Full List of Addressed Issues Here: