Workshop Update #2

Full agenda and wiki now available

The full agenda, guidance on navigating around St. Louis, and other helpful resources are now available on the workshop wiki. Please take a few minutes to check it out.

Additionally, we have created Confluence wiki login accounts for each of you, so please check your emails for notifications. You can use these accounts to edit the information you provided in the survey and contribution to the hackathon projects. (If you have any trouble logging into Confluence, contact us at

Oh, and if you haven't completed the survey yet, please do so now. Otherwise, you'll end up leaving the workshop with a really tiny t-shirt.

Get your laptops ready for the workshop 

The Workshop will feature lectures each morning and practicals in the afternoons. To participate in the practical sessions, attendees are expected to bring a laptop sufficiently powered to run XNAT virtual machines. Please check out the hardware and software prerequisites page for details.

Tell us about your Guest Talk and Hackathon Project ideas

We know you like hearing us talk about XNAT, but our favorite part is meeting the XNAT community and hearing about what you're up to.  Perhaps you're even willing to get up at the podium yourself to tell us about your XNAT-related projects. Sign up to give a talk.

Those of you who have worked with XNAT already no doubt have ideas for improvements or brand new features that you'd love to exist. Perhaps several of you have the same idea, and would benefit from teaming up with each other and an XNAT developer? Why not give is a go and propose a hackathon project idea.