Workshop Update #3: Wiki Accounts, and Meet Your Fellow Attendees

Let's Try This Wiki Thing Again

Last week we announced that we had launched a wiki dedicated to XNAT Workshop content, which we did. We announced that we had created login accounts for all of our attendees, which we did. We also announced that we had sent emails to each of you with your login information ... which apparently did not happen. So let's try this again.

If you did not receive a wiki login email, please contact us at

The first thing you'll want to do is set your password, which you can do here: Reset Your XNAT Workshop Wiki Password

Once you do that, you'll have create and edit access on the 2016 Workshop wiki.

The second thing you'll want to do, hopefully, is tell us and the rest of the Workshop attendees a little about yourself. We have taken the responses from those that filled out our survey, and added them to our new Workshop Attendees page. If you don’t see your name listed or would like your information changed, please login to the wiki and edit the page to include your preferred information. If you hate editing wikis, feel free to just to drop us an email with the information and we’ll add it to the page for you.

A Quick Reminder on Technical Requirements

With a little more than two weeks before the start of the workshop, this is the perfect opportunity to ensure that you have a laptop ready to bring that meets our Technical Requirements for deploying a local copy of XNAT and participating in practical sessions. Please visit the wiki to review those specifications. In our next email update, we will be finalizing our list of downloadable materials to prepare for the workshop and its practical sessions.