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Container Service wireframes and walkthrough script

Here's a basic script for a walkthrough.  

1. On the site landing page, click "Admin" > "Automation"

2. This Container Service Setup page is mostly for reference. Note that the script stuff has been masked out for now, there will be better-defined screens there shortly. 

3. On the Container Server Setup page, click "Images & Commands" in the left sidebar. 

4. On the Images & Commands page, there are two methods of importing images. 

  • Click the button or select "Pull from Image Host" from the dropdown and click the blue "Pull Image" button in the modal. 
  • Next, select "Load Image File" from the dropdown and click the "Load Image" button in the modal. 
  • Next, click "Enable In XNAT" for the third image, named "ubuntu:latest" and click the blue "Enable" button in the modal. 
  • In the expanded panel that appears, click "Add Command"  

5. On the Create Command page, we want to configure a command and make it dynamic by adding a variable. 

  • Point out the helptext beneath the "Command Template" input. Then click on the words "Hello World" in the input to add a variable. 
  • Click the blue "Save Command" button at the bottom of the page. 

6. On an updated Images & Commands page, click on "Actions & Contexts" in the left sidebar. 

7. On the Actions & Contexts page, click on "Add Action", then click the blue "Open Action Template" button in the modal. 

8. On the Add Actions template page, click on "Add Context". Select "Any Image Session" from the select menu in the modal. Note that there will be better-defined UI for adding conditionals to your context. 

  • Select "Label" as a value for #message# in the context window. 
  • Click "Add Context" again to simulate adding two more contexts. 
  • Note that the available options for project-level commands are different than for sessions or subjects. Select "name" as a value for #message# in that context. 
  • Click the blue "Save Action" button. 

9. On the updated Actions & Context page, we have added a few new actions plus the one you just created. You can hover over the filter indicators in the table to display tooltips with details. 

10. We're done administering actions for now. (We've skipped a step where project owners would add actions to their projects.) For now, click the upper search bar to simulate going directly to a session report page. 

11. On the MR Session page, there are a few things you can do. 

  • In the Actions menu, select "Run Process" > "Test Message." Since there's no user input specified, it runs right away without confirmation. (Maybe this should be configurable?) 
  • Below the Session Details panel, there is a running process already going. You can Pause, Resume, Restart, or Kill that process. 

(End of Demo)
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