Practical Session 1: Administration

In the first part of this exercise you will be interacting directly with Vagrant to build a virtual machine, but before beginning the second part, please build a machine using the standard workshop procedure. Review the detailed instructions for guidance on building workshop virtual machines.

./run xnat-12 setup

Part 1: Installing XNAT

Goals for Part 1

Lead a practical demonstration of base XNAT installation and an XNAT plug-in. 

  • Install XNAT 1.7
  • Install Radiology Read plug-in

Now let's get started!

Part 2: XNAT Administration

Goals for Part 2

By the end of this practical, you will have had the awesome experience of:

  • Creating an XNAT project
  • Enabling the XNAT DICOM receiver
  • Configuring DICOM project routing
  • Writing sitewide and project level anonymization scripts
  • Configuring sitewide and project level series import filters
  • Creating a custom variable set
  • Adding a project resource uploader

and maybe even:

  • Configuring protocol validation
  • Configuring CTP to relay data

Let's keep the fun going!