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Hackathon Projects

Attendees: Edit this page to propose a hackathon project. Feel free to generate a new child page if you find you need more room to expound your thoughts. Add your name as a contributor if you'd like to get involved with a project.

Hackathon IdeaLead Developer(s)ContributorsDescription
Jupyter for XNATDan MarcusHakim AchterbergCreate interfaces to interact with XNAT data from Jupyter notebooks and create a plugin to directly embed notebooks in XNAT pages.
Sample data importerDan Marcus
Create upload scripts to import several large, high utility data sets to XNAT, including ADNI and the NIH Chest X-Ray data and create a few containers to do some basic processing of the images.
Data Use AgreementRick HerrickSimon DoranProvide a way for project owners and PIs to upload data use agreements, terms of consent, IRB documents, etc., to a project and require users to review and agree to the terms before accessing the project's data.
Federated XNAT data aggregationRick Herrick

Aggregate data from projects on multiple XNAT servers to an umbrella project on a central hub.

Dockerize XNATFlavinAdriaan Versteeg, Marcel KoekBring up the different XNAT components (tomcat, nginx, database) in different docker containers using docker compose.
Querying XNAT to retrieve derived/meta- dataTim OlsenMarcel Koek, Adriaan VersteegThe ability to query derived or meta data stored in XNAT. For example DICOM header data and data stored in datatype xmls or custom variables.
Salt formula for XNATMarcel Koek

Creating a salt-formula for provisioning XNAT

Start a repository on XNAT maintenance scripts
Marcel KoekIt would be nice to have a central repository of scripts which can be used for maintaining an XNAT instance. For instance database backups, cleanup of old deleted files or files which are stuck in the prearchive.
OHIF viewer for XNATSimon Doran
Discuss how best to incorporate the OHIF ( Javascript viewer into XNAT.
xnatpy improvementsHakim Achterberg
Improve xnatpy. Possible targets include searches, improve object creation and the addition of unit tests for code quality.

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