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Workshop Attendees

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Workshop Presenters

PresenterBrief Bio
Dan Marcus

I direct the NRG and oversee the XNAT project. I'm involved in various projects and studies that utilize XNAT including the Human Connectome Project and the NCI's Imaging Informatics Program. At the workshop, I'm looking forward to working on container service and analytic interfaces for XNAT.

Rick Herrick

Lead XNAT Developer

Raised in the Deep South (Tampa), Rick was moved to California by the U.S.A.F., where he adapted well to the mild weather.

He graduated from U.C. Santa Cruz (go Slugs, 1991 National Champion in Ultimate Frisbee!) with a degree in Politics. He met his future wife while attending Avocado Sundae shows. They got married, had a daughter, moved to Long Beach, CA, hated the L.A. traffic, and now reside in Webster Groves, MO.

Rick drives a Jeep Wrangler, plays guitar (Paul Reed Smith, Stratocaster, Yamaha Gibson J-45 acoustic) and mandolin (The Flatiron A5), has two dogs (Pepita, who’s a girl, and Shaggy, who’s not), a cat (Buddy), and favors the “ribs” food group.

Rick does Java, JavaScript, Groovy, and myriad other dialects, with a strong emphasis on internal plumbing.

Hakim Achterberg

Experience: I have been running one or more studies on XNAT since 2015

Current Project: Multiple in-house and multi-center studies
Marcel Koek

Works at Erasmus MC as a IT project lead and Scientific Programmer. Has experience with XNAT from version 1.5.

We have integrated XNAT in our research infrastructure mainly for archiving dicom data and quantitative imaging biomarkers.

XNAT instances we are running:

  • national public XNAT service run by Lygature TraIT. This is mainly used for multi center studies/collaborations.
  • BIGR XNAT: public XNAT instance aiding collaborations with the Biomedical Imaging Group Rotterdam (BIGR)
  • XNAT ERGO: private xnat instance for the Rotterdam Scan Study.
  • XNAT GENR: private xnat instance for the Generation R Study.
  • XNAT Radiology: private xnat instance serving as a research archive for (clinical) research within Erasmus MC. Data can be send directly from the PACS which is anonymized or pseudonimized using CTP.
  • A number of testing and sandbox XNAT instances to develop our tools with.
  • A tutorial service for trying out XNAT:

Very interested in the DevOps concepts, mostly configuration management, orchestration and CI/CD.

John Flavin

XNAT Pipeline / Container Services Developer

Flavin (nobody ever calls him "John") does pipeline development for the CNDA, and development on Automation and Container Services for XNAT.

He graduated from WashU in 2012 with his PhD in Physics, and after spending a year working for a St. Louis tech startup, he found his way back to campus (albeit on the other side of Forest Park from where he began).

Flavin has BS degrees in Physics and Math from Mizzou. A St. Louis native currently residing in Webster Groves, he enjoys bicycling with his wife, Gayle, and their son.

Tim Olsen

CTO, Radiologics

Tim is the original lead developer of XNAT, which makes him the figurative grandfather of all XNAT code. Tim is also the literal father of five children who have come into the world since the inception of XNAT 1.0.

Tim currently lives in Bloomington IL and continues to develop code for the extended XNAT universe, including clinical trial applications of XNAT.

Workshop Attendees

AttendeeGroupBrief Bio
Simon Doran

CRUK Cancer Imaging Centre
at the Institute of Cancer Research

Experience: I have been using and customizing XNAT for many years

Current Project:  Three principal XNAT platforms implemented:

  • XNAT_identifiable (clinical imaging with full PHI, within hospital firewall); 
  • XNAT_anonymised (research imaging data); 
  • XNAT_CRUK (prototype national image repository for the UK cancer community).
Matt SouthOxford University

Experience: I've been tending two research focused XNAT instances over the last two years in a DevOps role.

Current Project: Dementias Platform UK

Daniel ErkanGerman Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases

Experience: DevOps on several XNAT instances over the last two years,
but not very experienced with the underlying tech.

Current Project: Integrating XNAT into our Clinical Research Platform (a somewhat complex, distributed DB system).
One instance running in a productive environment, but there are still some improvements to be made.

Simon JonesUniversity of Cambrige
Department of Clinical Neurosciences
Imaging analysis and support, mostly in dementia. Need To develop XNAT services for local and international distribution.
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