XNAT Workshop Poster Submissions

As noted in the Workshop Agenda, we will be offering a Virtual Poster Session to close out the 2021 XNAT Workshop. We'll be using the collaborative/social platform Spatial Chat to host this session and we encourage users in the XNAT community to submit poster abstracts for display at the 2021 XNAT Workshop. This is intended to be an informal way for people to share their experiences with XNAT and the "posters" could take many forms, from a traditional scientific poster, to a video, to a photo of that napkin where you sketched out an amazing new idea for using XNAT.

How Will This Work?

Spatial Chat allows us to create virtual "Rooms" where multiple poster presentations can be housed. We plan to create multiple rooms, where posters can be organized by topic area. Attendees will be able to move from poster to poster, and engage in conversations with poster authors in a free-flowing way. As you move your avatar icon from room to room, or from poster to poster, Spatial Chat will use your proximity to other users' icons to adjust the volume level of your conversation. Thus, hundreds of users can be on the platform at a time, engaging in dozens of simultaneous conversations without being overwhelmed by background noise.

Additionally, we will be creating social breakout rooms for off-topic conversations and general catching up with colleagues from the XNAT diaspora. If you are looking to connect with a specific poster author but they are not nearby, Spatial Chat allows you to find that user (if they're online) and immediately take you to their proximity so you can say hello.

You will also be expected to staff your poster for part of the time during the poster session to answer questions from other workshop attendees, but we will not schedule you for the entire session to give you the chance to talk to other poster authors.

What Can I Present On?

We have listed several possible topic areas in our Poster Submission Survey, including the following: 

  • XNAT Disease Research
    • Neuro Research
    • Cancer Research
    • Preclinical Research
    • Covid Research
    • Other
  • XNAT Machine Learning (high level)
  • Published Processing Containers for XNAT Data
  • Published Datasets for the XNAT Community
  • XNAT Integrations with Other Applications
  • Dev Ops - Hosting & Maintaining XNATs
  • Other (TBD based on submitted abstracts)

Feel free to submit an abstract that doesn't fit into one of the defined categories. We'd love to seed new discussions and to provide places in this online space where people can cluster in ways that we as organizers haven't yet imagined.

Posters should be educational in nature and not commercial, but if you represent a company that uses or is interested in XNAT, then we have the potential to create virtual "vendor booths" (see below). Posters should not contain proprietary information nor contain any sensitive data such as protected health information (PHI).

Posters represent "fixed" content that we will upload prior to the workshop, but the platform will also give you the opportunity to share "live" content directly with the people you are chatting to - see the presenting and data format guidelines here for more details. 

What If My Group Has Multiple Topics to Present On?

Groups that have engaged in deep collaborations with XNAT and have multiple topics to present on will be encouraged to apply for a "Virtual Vendor Booth". You will have a dedicated virtual room in Spatial Chat to present your mix of content. However, the same recommendations on staffing apply – we expect that you will have enough personnel attending to be able to field questions and discussions about posters in your room.

Presenting and Data Format Guidelines

During the meeting participants can share content with those around them in two main ways:

  • static uploads: image, video (via YouTube, Vimeo or Twitch link), text/clickable link
  • screen sharing of your entire screen, a window on your computer or a chrome tab

Guidelines on poster creation are being created and will be uploaded soon.

Screen sharing can only be done in an "Auditorium" setting, which requires a dedicated room in Spatial Chat. These will be reserved for only a few presenters. We strongly encourage attendees to create static posters or presentations if possible.

Submission Deadline

All poster abstracts must be submitted by August 13, 2021. If your abstract is accepted, you will need to submit your poster in electronic form by September 6, 2021 to give us time to build the virtual environment. Before placement in the poster area, your poster will be reviewed to ensure it meets the guidelines and you may be asked to revise your submission. 

How Can I Apply?

To submit an abstract for this poster session, please click here: https://forms.gle/SetzsSH3pseu7rBn6