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Image Session Upload Status API


Check The Status Of An Upload

After initializing an asynchronous image session upload, you can get a report on the status of that upload, as long as you know the temporary upload ID. This ID is generated by the org.nrg.xnat.ajax.UploadProgress java class, and is not easily accessible outside the codebase. Typically, these URLs are only used in code. A series of responses is returned as the upload process progresses.

GET - /data/status/{Upload_ID}


{Upload_ID}Required path parameter.

Optional querystring parameter. Specifies the output format. If no format is specified, plain text is returned

  • json
  • html

Response (JSON format shown)

  "msgs": [
        "msg": "Importing file (",
        "status": "PROCESSING"

Reset The Status Of An Upload

This is performed prior to initiating an image session import process. It has no effect once the upload completes.

GET - /servlet/AjaxServlet?remote-class=org.nrg.xnat.ajax.UploadProgress&remote-method=start&ID={Upload_ID}


remote-classRequired querystring parameter. Must be set to org.nrg.xnat.ajax.UploadProgress
remote-methodRequired querystring parameter. Must be set to start
{Upload_ID}Required querystring parameter.

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