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Desktop Client v1.40 Release

This is the initial production release of the XNAT Desktop Client. Supported features include: 

Managing XNAT Connections

  • Store connections to one or more XNATs, with saved usernames but no passwords
  • Manage stored connections
  • Set defaults for file handling


  • Allow upload of single DICOM image session
  • If multiple sessions are found, force user to choose which one to use
  • If project requires date verification, force user to submit date
  • Allow user to select one, some, or all scans to upload
  • Allow user to set label for session


  • Create xnat:// and xnats:// protocol support for download streams which will be handled by the desktop client
    • Added support in XNAT 1.7.5 for those download protocols
  • Receive XML manifest of image session resources to download and work through the manifest to download individual files
  • Store downloaded files in folder structure as dictated by XNAT preference

Monitor Transfers

  • Provide progress indicators for all file uploads and downloads
  • Limited support for pausing/resuming or canceling transfers
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