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Desktop Client v2.0.1 Release

The 2.0.1 release of the XNAT Desktop Client is a maintenance and bugfix release that addresses one critical intermittent login issue, and several minor issues.

  • Fixed: Cache errors can prevent site logins. The 2.0.1 release addresses this issue with a temporary fix that clears your local application cache. Unfortunately, this will require you to set up your XNAT connections again. A future release will update this library to prevent these types of errors from occurring.
  • Fixed: Pixel anonymization drawing cannot exceed boundaries of image. This usability bug makes it very onerous to define pixel anonymization to the boundary of an image, particularly if the image background color is the same as the background of the application. We have partially addressed this bug by making the application background distinct from the image background. Future usability improvements are planned.
  • Fixed: Alignment of headers in progress monitor.
  • Fixed: Unclear wording of pixel anonymization instructions. Minor wordsmithing to clarify the intent and usage of this feature.

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