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Desktop Client v2.0 Release

The 2.0 release of the XNAT Desktop Client adds some new major features, applies several bugfixes, and lays the groundwork for significant new development.

XNAT Connections

  • Unverified SSL certificates can be supported in stored connections. (This is largely only useful when connecting to local dev instances)
  • Fixed a major bug where a download in progress, coincident with a Tomcat outage, can cause the user to become locked out of their account


  • Added a new feature allowing pixel inspection and anonymization when uploading a single DICOM image session, so burned-in PHI can be removed
  • Added the ability to specify tracer on PET as a free text field
  • Added usability improvement: Float recently used projects to the top of the project selector menu
  • Fixed usability bug: Stop warning users of missing anon script after one warning
  • Fixed usability bug: Link to uploaded session broken if log is opened before session archiving is complete
  • Fixed functional bug: Tracer was not being set properly on PET upload


  • Fixed functional bug: User session corrupted if data is deleted from XNAT during a download
  • Fixed usability bug: Attempting to start a new download while current download is in progress generates a screen mask that cannot be dismissed

Progress Monitor

  • Added a warning if an upload or download is interrupted
  • Added the ability to download a CSV version of an transfer log
  • Fix functional bug: Pause button broken on individual sessions
  • Fix usability bug: Rationalize message dialogs when clearing past transfers

Developer Tools

  • Add application logging
  • Integrate Electron Crash Reporter
  • Fix Linux AppImage installation issues

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