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Desktop Client v3.0.0 Release

As the version number suggests, version 3.0 of the XNAT Desktop Client introduces major new functionality – notably, support for uploading image sessions in bulk including bulk pixel anonymization. However, other core functionality still works as it did.

Bulk Uploads

  • Introduced support for uploading multiple image sessions at a time. This workflow introduces a separate upload UI for managing bulk uploads compared to single sessions. See Uploading Image Sessions
  • Added support for several bulk relabeling workflows, including an editable CSV upload manifest
  • Reimagined the pixel anonymization workflow so that saved templates could be applied simultaneously to scans of the same type across multiple image sessions. See Applying Pixel Anonymization for Bulk Uploads

View and Customize Upload Behavior by Project

  • The companion DXM Settings Plugin is a companion plugin that can be installed in your XNAT to make it easy for projects to customize behaviors or save default settings that control how the XNAT Desktop Client manages uploads. See Setting Project Defaults for Desktop Client Behavior
  • The initial "Select Project" screen has been refactored to expose the settings available at the site and project level that control upload behavior. See Uploading Image Sessions
  • The DXM Settings plugin can be downloaded from the XNAT Downloads page:

Added Upload Receipt to Transfer Manager

  • When viewing the logs for an uploaded image session in the Desktop Client, you can view or download a detailed receipt of the mechanics of the upload, including any anonymization or relabeling.

Added User Settings to App Preferences

  • When a user is logged in to a particular XNAT, they can save customizations to their Desktop Client's behavior for that specific account in that specific XNAT. These customizations are saved on the XNAT server and can be accessible wherever the user logs in from. See Application Settings
  • Added the ability to suppress warnings for missing anon scripts, with logging of those suppressed warnings
  • Allow users to customize the folder location used for temporary data storage during uploads
  • Allow users to set the upload mode used by the Desktop Client – Stream or ZIP. We recommend using streaming uploads in almost all instances, unless required by your system administrator
  • Allow users to customize the number of recently used projects to highlight at the top of their project selector

Added an "Update Channel" Selector

  • While most users will be only interested in upgrading to stable releases, the Desktop Client now offers the ability to select your release channel and receive upgrade notifications for new beta or alpha releases.

Other Improvements and Bugfixes

  • Updated the Desktop Client to use the latest released versions of DicomEdit (6.3) and PixelEdit (1.3) libraries
  • Fixed a critical issue preventing uploads to XNATs with non-ROOT URLs
  • Fixes a major issue where stored connections to XNATs could be intermittently removed
  • Rationalized naming of tabs and actions within the Monitor Transfers window
  • Set the default active tab within the Monitor Transfers window to be the most recently used action (i.e. "upload" or "download")
  • Added support for crash reporting. Crash reports will be sent back to the XNAT team, but will not contain any PHI from uploaded or downloaded sessions

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