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Desktop Client v3.1.0 Release

The 3.1.0 release of the XNAT Desktop Client has a series of performance-related fixes that drastically improve the ability to upload large quantities of data, particularly when dealing with scans that contain many thousands of files. 

Changes to Transfer History

This update requires a breaking change to the method of storing data transfer in-progress status and transfer history, so one consequence of this upgrade is that your previous history will not be able to be retained

Data transfers are now tracked in a more efficient way behind the scenes, and the data transfer logs are cleared more often, meaning that the default view of the Monitor Transfers window will only show in-progress uploads and downloads. These primary tabs have been relabeled as "Download Progress" and "Upload Progress"

To see a history of past data transfers, you can go to "View Archived Transfers". 

Known Issues with the DXM 3.1.0 release

  • There is a known issue that can occur when queueing up large numbers of image sessions to upload concurrently. The time it takes the XNAT Desktop Client to resolve the amount of data in the queue can cause the request to the XNAT server to time out. There is a workaround that can be applied by XNAT server administrators, to increase the connectionTimeout / connectionUploadTimeout setting(s) in the Apache Tomcat server.xml spec. 
  • This issue is being addressed for the DXM 3.2.0 release. 
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