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Desktop Client v3.2.0 Release

The 3.2.0 release of the XNAT Desktop Client is primarily concerned with improving performance of large uploads, and cleaning up other minor issues. 

Application Cache Cleanup

One common troubleshooting tip for users with blocked or slow uploads has been to clear the application cache, which had to be done manually. New in version 3.2, the "Debug" tab within the Application Settings has the ability to clear the cache with a simple button click. 

Improve Performance of Large or Lengthy Uploads

We resolved a series of bugs in versions 3.1 and 3.2 where large manifests of files queued for upload could overload the internal logging and staging of files prior to committing the upload. Version 3.2 cleans up remaining performance issues. 

  • Prevent large uploads from overloading the internal db.uploads database
  • Clear temp folder after upload completes
  • Add a heartbeat to keep the user's session active during lengthy uploads 

Improve User Experience

  • Allow user to clean up and remove all canceled or failed transfers from the transfer history

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