DQR Admin: Managing Queue and Query History

Admin Queue and History

Like any other user, admins can view their own queue and history by going to by going to Upload→ Import Queue/History. However, admins might want to look at what their users have imported and what their users have queued up. Sometimes users try to get data they shouldn't be getting or request an unacceptably large amount of data. The sitewide (admin) queue and history tables are a way to see how users have been using the DQR plugin on your site.

While logged in as an admin, go to Administer > Plugin Settings > DICOM Query-Retrieve and click on the "Query History" tab in the left bar. You'll see tab with two data tables, one for the Queue, and one for Query History.

And if you scroll down below the queued requests, you can see the sitewide request history:

Each row in this table represents a request for a single image session. Hence, a bulk import via CSV could generate many rows in this table. You can sort and filter them like you could the other tables. A couple differences are that these tables contain the username of the user who requested the import and that these tables display a count of how many scans (a.k.a. series) are in each request.

Managing or Removing Queued Requests

Click on the value in the Data Requested column to get a dialog with additional information about each request. If you click on a request that is currently queued, you will see something like this:

If you want to remove that request from the queue, you can click the Remove From Queue button to make it disappear from the queue and never get issued. In the future, we want to make it easier for admin to remove many requests from the queue at the same time, though this feature could be quite powerful and will need to be designed with care.