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DicomEdit 6.3 Release Notes

Note: DicomEdit 6.3 is backwards compatible with 6.0, 6.1, and 6.2. All previous 6.x scripts should work unchanged.

  • New! Alter Pixels function: Blank PHI burned into pixel data.

  • New! Match and IsMatch functions aid in conditional execution or extracting substrings to build values.

  • New! Shift date-time by increment function:  Helps obscure dateTimes for privacy but retains the intervals between dates.

  • New! Set function:  Enables direct addressing of private tags in non-conforming DICOM.

  • New! Assign-if-exists operation '?=':  Assign value to an attribute only if it already exists in the DICOM. This complements the existing assign-always operation ':=' that will create the attribute if it does not exist.

For specific function reference, see: DicomEdit 6 Language Reference

Version Compatibility Notes

DicomEdit 6.3 scripts are compatible with XNAT 1.8.0 and higher

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