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DicomEdit 6.4 Release Notes

DicomEdit 6.4 boasts an exciting new feature: If-Elseif-Else statements, which enable different blocks of statements to be executed based on conditions detected in the DICOM, along with a number of useful fixes. See DicomEdit 6.4 Language Reference for details. There is no need to install DicomEdit 6.4 separately; the new version is built into the XNAT 1.8.7 release.  

Priority fixes include: 

  • DE-65: Add support for conditional statements to DICOM anonymization scripts
  • DE-25: Add support for "Describe" keyword to add descriptors to DicomEdit variables
  • DE-26: Fix bug in sequence item deletion
  • DE-49: Fix bug in "Assign if exists" behavior
  • DE-42: Fix bug in shiftDateTimeByIncrement to retain optional timezone offset if present
  • DE-43: Maintain original dateTime precision when applying shifts with shiftDateTimeByIncrement
  • DE-45: Fix bug in retainPrivateTag failing to remove certain private tags.
  • DE-56: Fix bug erroneously assigning non-numeric values to elements with numeric VR

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