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DicomEdit 6.6 Release Notes

DicomEdit 6.6 is backwards compatible with all version 6 releases. All previous 6.x scripts should work unchanged.

Instance Filtering in DicomEdit Scripts

As defined in DE-114, DicomEdit now supports the ability to reject an incoming instance file based on whatever criteria is defined in an external if-then block. The script function ‘reject’ immediately stops processing and signals that the current instance is “rejected”.

New Features in DicomEdit 6.6

Other features include:

  • DE-98: Script function 'scalePatientAgeAndDobFromStudyDate' limits the patient's age and date-of-birth relative to study date to 89 years.

  • DE-102: Script function 'removeTags' removes attributes from the DICOM object with tags matching any of the specified tagPaths.

  • DE-103: Add syntax to support multi-line statements. Trailing newlines in statements can be escaped to allow a statement to be formatted on multiple lines. This aids writing readable scripts.

  • DE-106: Add syntax to support list elements which are lists of other language elements, including lists.

  • DE-108: Script function 'normalizeString' removes non-ASCII characters from specified attribute value.

  • DE-111: Script function 'hashUIDList' takes tagPaths to UIDs to be hashed.

  • DE-113: Script function 'shiftDateTimeListByIncrement' takes a list of tagPaths and shifts all matching attributes by the specified increment.

  • DE-118: New functions: 'collectValues' allows a set of values to be captured, and 'blankValues' allows a set of values to be obscured in any tag whose value matches any of the values in the supplied values.


  • DE-109: Fix RetainPrivateTags function to accept lists of tags.

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