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Introduction and Feature List

NRG_Selenium is a Java framework built on Selenium designed to power automated testing on XNAT-based systems. Current mature prrojects using the framework include a base XNAT test suite, and CNDA Pipeline tests, with plans to branch out into TIP pipeline tests, Visits & Protocols tests, and CNDA-specific webapp tests. With this framework, you have at the tip of your fingers:

  • Integration of testNG to define complex test interaction and complex setup behavior.
  • Integration of REST Assured to easily perform REST calls to the XNAT server.
  • Integration of Java Mail to read emails sent to a gmail account. Additionally, an email can be sent with the gmail account with a summary of test status upon completion.
  • Integration of DcmSnd from dcm4che to modify and send DICOM to your XNAT's DICOM Receiver.
  • Integration with JIRA, Zephyr, & ZAPI to allow automated posting of finely-grained test execution results. Read more here.
  • Predefined XNAT convenience methods and selectors to identify common XNAT web elements to streamline writing tests.
  • Extensible pipeline test methods to drastically reduce the steps in writing a pipeline test. Read more here.
  • Screenshot functionality capable of only capturing certain parts of the page based on WebElement objects. Fully compatible with JIRA integration.
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