Continuous Integration Testing

I have set up CI builds for the container service on Circle CI. It runs the automated tests every time a commit is pushed up to the container service repo. If the tests fail, it sends an email. 

I think any developer in the nrgxnat GitHub team/organization can sign up for an account on Circle CI and get those emails. I am not 100% sure how to do that. I know if you make an account using your GitHub credentials, it will automatically see the organizations you are a part of and show you the builds. It's pretty handy to have those emails, so I recommend whoever is actively developing the container service should sign up for them.

There is a file in the container service repo that defines the build and test procedure: .circleci/config.yml. If you ever need to edit how the build happens or how the tests are run, this is the file you'll need to edit. They have lots of documentation to explain how to do that: