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Container Service Administration

Installing the Container Service

The XNAT Container Service is distributed as a plugin, and installation is fairly simple. However, it is important to check version compatibility requirements prior to installing.

Configuring the Container Service for your Local Processing Environment

If you are running a local development copy of XNAT in a Vagrant VM, configuring the Container Service is fairly simple. However, in a production environment, this configuration may require coordination with your local IT Operations people.

Managing Commands and Images

Container and Command Development Guidelines

Enabling Automated Commands

Automated command executions based on event triggers can be managed in one of two ways, with the introduction of the Event Service in XNAT 1.8. Prior to the Event Service, this was possible via the "Command Automation" panel, which uses legacy XNAT event triggers.

Monitoring and Debugging Command Execution History

You can view a history of running and previously executed commands via the Command History control panel. This also lets you monitor StdOut and StdErr logs in real time for diagnostic purposes.

Orchestrating a Series of Commands

You can set up command orchestration to define a list of commands that will run in series. Orchestrations are set up at the site administration level and then enabled at the project level (by project owners). Currently, only one orchestration can be enabled on a project at a time, and while it is enabled, any run of the initiating command will trigger the orchestration.

An update of this feature will allow multiple orchestrations to be enabled on a single project, passing these orchestration options (including "no orchestration") through to the user interface so that a user may decide at launch whether and which orchestration ought to run.

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