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Enable a Command in Your Project

In order to launch containers using Container Service context menus, the corresponding container commands need to be enabled at the project level by a project owner or a site admin.

Before configuring container project settings, commands must first be installed and enabled by an administrator. See Enabling Site-wide Commands

To enable commands, navigate to your project’s page. Click the Project Settings link in the Actions box.

Click the Configure Commands tab. Here you will see a list of installed command wrappers.

Click the Enable toggle on the wrapper you want to enable.

Optionally, you can click the Set Defaults button to customize the default values and matchers for the command and wrapper inputs in your project.

Specifying input config values in this window will override site-wide and command default values. Use caution in overriding values for inputs configured to User-Settable=No or in changing the value of User-Settable, as doing so may short-circuit auto-discovery of derived container input values.

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