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Launching Containers from Commands

You can launch containers through the XNAT UI.

First, a command must be added to your XNAT, and its wrapper must be enabled in your project. Then when you are on a page where a command and wrapper are available, a Run Containers menu will appear in the Actions box.

Inside the Run Containers menu are all the different command wrappers that can be used to launch a container with the object you are viewing.

Note that container commands that are configured to run at the Scan level can be accessed in the scan table Run menu.

Click on one of those command wrappers, and you will be presented with a Launch Container dialog. Here you can provide or customize the values of various arguments that will be used to launch the container.

After you submit, the container will be queued for launch.

Users with appropriate permissions can view the history of running and previously executed commands on the Command History control panel or on the User Dashboard.

Running Containers on Shared Experiments

As of XNAT 1.8.10 and Container Service 3.4.3, resource files from shared experiments can now be mounted into containers. However, project permissions issues still dictate whether containers can be run or data can be stored back to these shared data objects. See: Understanding Data Sharing in XNAT's Security Structure

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