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XNAT 1.7.6 Release Notes

For XNATs with Installed Plugins

Due to permissions refactoring in core XNAT code, XNAT 1.7.6 is considered a "breaking change" with any plugins that define new APIs. New releases of the Container Service and XNAT OHIF Viewer plugin have already been released that are compatible with XNAT 1.7.6. We strongly recommend upgrading to the latest plugin versions when upgrading your core XNAT system. 

XNAT 1.7.6 addresses a series of issues that are primarily geared toward developers and site administrators, including known issues from the XNAT versions. Most users will notice only a few incremental improvements. However, XNAT 1.7.6 will affect plugin behavior, and we strongly recommend plugin developers to review XNAT code changes and documentation and update their plugins to be compatible with this XNAT release.

Developer-Facing Updates

Refactored "restrictTo" Permissions Checks

  • XNAT-6099: XNAT 1.7.5.x changed the meaning of "restrictTo=Read" in the context of projects, which led to developer confusion and misbehaving plugins. There were also legacy role-specific annotations such as "restrictTo=Owner" that needed to be deprecated. These permissions checks have been rationalized and refactored. Developer documentation is here: Restricting Permissions on XAPI Calls with "restrictTo" Annotations

Other Developer Fixes

  • XNAT-5964: Add support for Postgres 10

  • XNAT-5849: Fix assessor resource creation API. Relates to the Container Service, but applicable elsewhere as well

Admin-Facing Updates

Dicom Edit6 version erratum

A previous version of these release notes announced XNAT's upgrade to version 6.2 of DicomEdit. This announcement was premature. DicomEdit v6.2 has not been methodically tested in XNAT 1.7.6. It is recommended that all users remain at version 6.1. Full announcement is here: DicomEdit 6.1 Release Notes

Address Multiple Logging and Reporting Issues

  • XNAT-5965, XNAT-5966: Improve logging from log4j to Logback

  • XNAT-5982, XNAT-5985: Fix issues logging API usage for both XAPI and AjaxServlet

  • XNAT-6034: Deleting files in the archive caused Null Pointer Exceptions, which led to misleading error statements

  • XNAT-6049: Notify admins of NPEs from orphaned experiments when datatype support is removed

Address Known Issues in XNAT

  • XNAT-5559: Re-add support for Python Scripting in the Automation tools

  • XNAT-5900: Restore the ability extend Listing Actions (i.e. actions available in data tables) in the Manage Data Types Admin UI

User-Facing Updates

"DICOM Inbox" Import Method Added for Bulk Image Session Importing

  • XNAT-5963: DICOM Inbox was developed as a proof of concept by the HCP team as a means of separating the file transfer of large imaging datasets from the import process. Their code has been merged into core XNAT and polished for release. Documentation is here: Using DICOM Inbox to import an image session

  • XNAT-799: Resolved a long-standing request to support symbolic links to files in the session builder process

Other UI Improvements

  • XNAT-6067: Restore the ability to change the default search tables on a Project report page, using the "Save Search" function

  • XNAT-6117: Rationalize the project UI for the special class of users who have been granted "All Data Access" but not "Site Administrator" permissions

  • XNAT-6081: Prevent deleted resources from erroneously displaying in the Container Service UI

  • XNAT-6075: Improve the breadcrumb display on Project Access Requests

  • XNAT-5999: Add hostname to footer in multi-node XNATs

  • XNAT-6033: Restore the ability to download XAR files on multi-node XNAT configurations

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