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XNAT Release Notes

XNAT is an optional hotfix release addressing issues found in XNAT, intended for administrators with production systems that might be affected by the breaking plugin change introduced in XNAT 1.8.6. See Troubleshooting the XNAT 1.8.6 upgrade and plugin compatibility for more information. 

Issues Addressed in XNAT

  • XNAT-7184Fixed steep memory pressure that can arise from addressing orphaned (formerly shared) scans. 
  • XNAT-7186Fixed an error affecting import of compressed image sessions for XNAT systems that have not set up any DICOM SCP Receivers. 
  • XNAT-7187: Fixed error in auto-archiving behavior for XNAT systems that do not have the Container Service plugin installed. (The error does not manifest in XNAT systems that are running Container Service)
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