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Monitoring User Activity

Site-wide admin privileges are required to access this functionality.

The JupyterHub User Activity panel allows administrators to monitor and view details of active Jupyter notebook servers. By navigating to Administer → Plugin Settings → JupyterHub → User Activity, you can access the user activity panel.


  • Started displays when the user launched their Jupyter server
  • Last Activity shows the most recent recorded usage of the Jupyter server


  • From the Actions column, a user's Jupyter server may be stopped
  • For more information on the configuration of a user's running Jupyter server, click the Details link next to it

If you encounter issues with a Jupyter server not starting, there are several places you can look for troubleshooting:

  1. Check the plugin log file: xnat-jupyterhub-plugin.log . This log file provides insights into any erros or issues related to the XNAT JupyterHub plugin.
  2. View the JupyterHub log files using the command: docker service logs SERVICE . This command allows you to access the logs generated by the JupyterHub service, and provides valuable information about the server startup process.
  3. To investigate why a scheduled Jupyter server swarm task is not starting you can try the command: docker service ps SERVICE --no-trunc . This command provides detailed information about the swarm task associated with the Jupyter server service, helping you identify any errors or reasons for the failure to start.

  4. To inspect a Jupyter server service and gather more information, you can use the command: docker service inspect SERVICE . This command provides a comprehensive view of the service's configuration, including network settings, environment variables, and other relevant details.

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