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XNAT Jupyter Integration Home

Version 1.1.1 of the XNAT JupyterHub Integration plugin has been released! See the Release Notes

The XNAT / JupyterHub integration allows users to launch Jupyter Notebooks with mounted XNAT project data, creating a prebuilt data exploration playground. Notebooks run in Docker Swarm containers, providing a scalable and isolated environment for running code against XNAT data. Additionally, notebooks can be saved to your XNAT and reopened for future work. This documentation will guide you through the setup, usage, and key features of the XNAT / JupyterHub integration.

Before installing, please consult the XNAT JupyterHub Version Compatibility Matrix to be sure this plugin will work on your system


Getting Started


Using JupyterHub with XNAT

This is a guide for XNAT users interested in launching Jupyter notebook servers directly from within XNAT. Tailored for users with a fully operational XNAT setup with both JupyterHub and its plugin, this documentation assumes a working knowledge of XNAT and familiarity with basic Jupyter functionality.


The JupyterHub plugin for XNAT introduces a feature for deploying Python-based dashboards from the XNAT UI. Checkout the documentation below for more information:

Sample Notebooks

Release Notes

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