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User Authorization

Site-wide admin privileges are required to access this functionality.

The User Authorization feature allows you to control the ability of users to start Jupyter servers within XNAT. This feature provides flexibility in granting access to Jupyter functionality. By navigating to Administer → Plugin Settings → JupyterHub → User Authorization, you can access the User Authorization panel.

Enabling Jupyter for All Users

When the toggle switch for enabling Jupyter for all users is enabled, all XNAT users will have the ability to start Jupyter servers without any restrictions.

Restricting Jupyter Access to Selected Users

When the toggle switch for enabling Jupyter for all users is disabled, a user list will appear. This list allows you to specify which users are granted access to start Jupyter servers. Only the selected users from the list will have the ability to launch Jupyter servers. Other users who are not selected will not see the option to start Jupyter.

To manage the User Authorization settings

  1. Navigate to the User Authorization panel within the JupyterHub plugin settings.
  2. Toggle the switch to enable or disable Jupyter access for all users.
  3. If the toggle is disabled, select the users from the provided list who should have access to start Jupyter servers.
  4. Save the changes to apply the User Authorization setting

Individual users authorized for Jupyter use will be given the 'Jupyter' role, which can also be seen and managed in the 'Manage Users' page.

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