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XNAT JupyterHub 1.1.0 Release Notes


  • JHP-73: Adds dashboards functionality to the JupyterHub plugin. May require browser cache to be cleared.

  • XNAT-7903 and JHP-74: Support mounting of shared data at the project level.

  • JHP-70: Adds capability to configure plugin preferences via environment variables at startup.


  • JHP-66 and XNAT-7867: Moves the compute services code from the plugin to the XNAT core to allow other plugins to use the compute services. Makes the plugin dependent on XNAT 1.8.10 or later.

  • JHP-77: Add GitHub workflows to build the develop branch and publish releases. Move the build process to GitHub Actions and remove the Jenkins build process. Repository has migrated from Bitbucket to GitHub.

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