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XNAT JupyterHub 1.2.0 Release Notes

Please note, your browser cache may need to be cleared for some changes to take effect.


  • JHP-82: Enables support for JupyterHub named servers. This feature allows users to start multiple Jupyter notebooks or Dashboards from the XNAT UI. A new preference has been added to the plugin settings to limit the number of named servers a user can start. The default is 1. May require browser cache to be cleared.

  • JHP-92: Adds plugin description, visible in the installed plugins site administration page in XNAT.

  • JHP-93: Add ipydatagrid to xnat/datascience-notebook image. Useful for dashboard development.

  • JHP-94: Add dcmtk to xnat/datascience-notebook image. Useful for DICOM processing.


  • JHP-89: Changed the action labels to Start Jupyter Notebook and Start Jupyter Dashboard for clarity and consistency as the batch launch plugin is already contains a 'Processing Dashboard' action.

  • JHP-91: The 'New / Update Dashboard' modal in the plugin settings accepts both git branches and tags in the 'Branch' field. The field label and description have been updated to reflect this ability.


  • JHP-88: Cleanup the User Authorization table and modal in the plugin preferences page.

  • JHP-66: Some file deletions were missed in the previous release.

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