Viewing Training Logs

This functionality requires the Batch Launch Plugin to be installed.

Once you have launched training, you can view the output logs that are generated within the training container from within your XNAT UI. Simply follow these steps.

1. Open the "User Dashboard" to view running workflows. In the top navigation, next to the "Advanced" search link, click on the  "User Dashboard" icon. You will be taken to a dashboard view of all running and archived processing workflows.

2. View the Running Container. Find the Training Run that is currently running, and hover over that table row to expose actions specific to that item. A set of icons will appear in the Status column.

Click on the "Eye" icon to open a dialog displaying details on your container. 

3. View the Log File. Clicking on "View StdOut.log" will open the Standard Out output log, and give you a real-time view of training process as it is being logged. (Note, this view takes a moment to load.)

4. View or Download Outputs in the Build Directory. Once training is complete, you can click the "Download" icon in the Training Run status column to view the build resources.