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XNAT Plugin Updates: DQR 2.0 and OHIF Viewer 3.6.2

The XNAT team at Flywheel, along with the XNAT OHIF Viewer team at the Institute for Cancer Research UK, have published updates to two key plugins.

DICOM Query Retrieve 2.0

By itself, XNAT’s communication with a PACS / VNA system is limited to listening on a DICOM SCP Receiver for data to be pushed to it. The DICOM Query Retrieve plugin allows XNAT to take an active role, querying the PACS system and retrieving data from it. The 2.0 plugin version release enhances this core capability in a number of ways:

  • Adding full support for querying and retrieving from a PACS via secured DICOMweb connections over https. This allows for querying of remote systems, as well as efficiencies in data transfer

  • Improved handling of patient names in the Query interface

For reference, the DQR 2.0 release notes and updated documentation are available at DICOM Query-Retrieve Plugin.

XNAT OHIF Viewer 3.6.2

This release is a patch release offering numerous improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • Adding the ability to search both DICOM and Secondary captures for SOP instance UIDs and ROI Collection dependency checks

  • Improving support for 4-D datasets, dealing with duplicates and adding dimension tags

  • Improving dynamic window width calculations

  • And several bugfixes

For reference, the XNAT OHIF Viewer 3.6.2 release notes and updated documentation are available at XNAT OHIF Viewer.

Download Plugins

Plugins can be downloaded at Instructions for installing plugins can be found here: Deploying Plugins in XNAT

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