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XNAT-OHIF Viewer Plugin Documentation

What Is the XNAT OHIF Viewer?  |  Release Notes

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Developed by the Institute for Cancer Research, London | Sponsored by NCITA

Publications using the XNAT-OHIF viewer as part of a scientific investigation should cite the following article:

Doran, Simon J., Mohammad Al Sa’d, James A. Petts, James Darcy, Kate Alpert, Woonchan Cho, Lorena E. Sanchez, Sachidanand Alle, Ahmed El Harouni, Brad Genereaux, Erik Ziegler, Gordon J. Harris, Eric O. Aboagye, Evis Sala, Dow-Mu Koh, and Dan Marcus. 2022. "Integrating the OHIF Viewer into XNAT: Achievements, Challenges and Prospects for Quantitative Imaging Studies" Tomography 8, no. 1: 497-512. 

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