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Embedded Videos Working Again!

Video embedding across all XNAT Docs sites has been re-enabled. You can watch all workshop videos here: Workshop St Louis Videos.

Announcing the XNAT Munich Workshop

Registration is now available, through the XNAT Workshop site.

Highlighted content for Munich Workshop Attendees:

Highlighted content from the St Louis Summer Workshop: 


Download the XNAT 1.6 Workshop VM

(Note: a new version will be released for the Munich Workshop.) 

Workshop updates

xnat-workshop-munich.png An abbreviated (but still information-packed) version of the 2012 XNAT Workshop is going to be delivered in Munich on September 13-14, immediately following this year's INCF Neuroinformatics conference. There will be no cost for attendees, and registration is now available!  You can see the working agenda here, to see how much XNAT 1.6 goodness can be packed into a two-day span. The answer? A lot. 
Video production in progress
We've had a few emails come in asking about videos of our Workshop talks. The good news is, we're working on it. The bad news is that our first three sessions didn't get recorded, so we're having to re-stage them.  Because most of the workshop was intended to be hands-on, we are editing the talks down to shorter snippets that we can also use in our XNAT 1.6 Documentation. Hopefully, you all will find this useful as well, so that instead of clicking a link to start a two-hour video,…
The virtual machine image for the upcoming XNAT workshop is now available for download! You can grab your own copy right here: Camp XNAT – MD5 SHA1 README.txt We've done a fair amount of our own testing, but if you find any major problems,…
While the computing world is all about wireless this and tablet that, old man ethernet is steadily getting pushed out of the spotlight. "Well, that's fine," says Mr. Cat5. "Let the new kids have their fun, but people know when heavy lifting is required, they'll have to drag me out and plug me in." That's certainly the case at the XNAT Workshop. If you plan on relying on strong internet access, a handy ethernet cable will attach you to Wash U's fast, strong internet backbone. (See: Speedtest.…
Evenings in St. Louis
The main reason to come to the XNAT Workshop is of course learning and talking about XNAT. But you can only do so much of that on a daily basis and everyone has to eat. So we have a few evening events scheduled for after the daily sessions! There will be an XNAT Workshop dinner on the evening of Monday, June 25, at Wildflower Restaurant…
Be prepared!
As I think I've mentioned before, workshop participants are going to be getting a USB flash drive. The drive will hold a virtual machine configured with the latest and greatest beta of XNAT 1.6 configured with sample projects and data. These projects and data reflect the scenario we're using to provide a context for the various workshop sessions (more information on the planned sessions coming soon!). Since so much of the workshop will revolve around working with this virtual machine,…
As you may have noticed, we have been migrating our XNAT Documentation over to Confluence over the past month, which is giving us a lot of flexibility. For example, we can use Confluence "spaces" like XNAT Admins use Projects, to manage permissions and invite collaboration from multiple sets of users.  However, there is also a learning curve and a lot of new quirks to get used to. One of them - the means of changing your password isn't readily apparent.…
We'll continue to post to the XNAT discussion group when major updates are posted to the workshop wiki. But if you prefer more timely updates or just want to be able to monitor the wiki through your favorite news feed reader or the like, well... that's pretty easy to do. All of the different ways of subscribing are described in excruciating detail in the Atlassian Confluence documentation For convenience, though,…
Where, when, and what
We're still working on the last bits of logistics around the 2012 XNAT Workshop, but the basics are fairly well set. The workshop sessions will be held at the Farrell Learning and Training Center on the Washington University School of Medicine campus. Most of the sessions will be held in the Connor, with some break-out and technical sessions taking place in common areas outside the auditorium. In addition,…
If you attended the previous XNAT workshop in 2010, or maybe watched some of the videos on the XNAT documentation wiki, you might expect the same sort of traditional lecture presentation: someone talking, with a few examples, everyone else taking notes. But we decided to go instead with what we hope to be a more engaging and practically oriented format this time around. We've also timed the workshop to map closely to our 1.6 release schedule.…

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