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PI Track Discussion

Welcome to the PI track, y'all! We're going to be a nice cozy group of 10 or so folks who I've personally vetted for intelligence, taste, and emotional balance. We're all at least moderately XNAT-savvy but come from a lot of different backgrounds (informatics, clinical research, IT,..), so we'll have a chance hear a lot of diverse opinions.  I'm planning to bring along a big stack of slides to keep things moving, but I'm hoping this will be an open conversation with lots of input from you.  I'll be focusing on a couple of primary themes.

  • The primary use cases that are currently driving XNAT development.
  • The XNAT development roadmap.

I'm extremely interested in getting feedback on both themes. But I also want to give everyone a chance to bring up additional issues, concerns, feature requests, etc.  I think a good way to make sure this happens is for everyone to add topics they'd like to discuss to this list:

  • Am I missing any key use cases? (Dan)
  • What have I left off the roadmap? (Dan)
  • Bug tracker: Make it more open, provide accurate release and patch dates (Christian)
  • Plugins: Make the marketplace very open, improve documentation, and include non-java. (Christian)
  • (Add another topic here.  Go ahead, don't be shy.)

Also, feel free to bring along some of your own slides or documents if think they'll add to the conversation.  Plan to keep the content to 5 minutes or less.  You can upload them here:



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