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PyXNAT has proven a valuable tool for XNAT, and the 0.x series is somewhat stable at this point.  Some sort of plan for the future is in order.


Friday, 1:00-?, Room 207.


  • Christian (lead)
  • Rick (lead)
  • Scott Burns (in absentia)
  • Dave J (Mayo)
  • Ben Wagner
  • Miklos Espak
  • Shree Unde


We need to decide the practical aspects of maintaining pyxnat, perhaps moving it to XNAT's bitbucket.  Being able to use XNAT's Jira for bugs (bugs to can be shunted to pyxnat) will be helpful.  We need to coordinate this with Yannick.

A developer round table area will be set up for continued conversation.

Christian will draft and circulate a road map for (at least short-term) continued development.

Specific issues:

  • Better documentation is needed.
  • Better debugging/logging messages are needed.
  • Some performance issues need to be addressed (Ben).
  • Versioning should be thought through: it would be helpful if pyxnat versions somehow indicated the supported XNAT version.
  • The ability to freeze and commit at once local changes would be useful.
  • SPDY might help with speed.
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