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Visualization (Reports/charts/graphics)


Moving forward from the possibilities touched on in Wednesday's Reporting talk, explore options and get our hands dirty with forms of embedded data visualization (JavaScript? R? HTML5 / Canvas?). 

Highlighted solutions: 

  • Embedded processing results in Harvard NRG's Image QC (Tim O'Keefe)
  • Ping Project data mining site, produced by UCSD (Hauke) 
  • Admin dashboard reporting in XNAT (Jenny Gurney)


  • Starting at 1:00 in breakout room 213 A&B (updated). We will start out coupled with the R integration project, and then possibly break out into separate groups.  


  • Will (lead)
  • Tim (co-lead)
  • Simon D.
  • Shree Unde (Wake Forest)
  • Hauke
  • Mohana
  • Shamima


Example implementations:

Graphing Libraries:

External Tools:



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