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XNAT Workshop 2012 - Building Reports


Now that we have projects up and running and data in our XNAT, let's walk through the process of building reports for various segments of your user base. 


Navigating your Data, and Avoiding Common Search Pitfalls 

Introduction to Reporting in XNAT

Advanced Reporting in XNAT

Building a Custom Report

Examples of Data Visualization in XNAT


We will discuss multiple levels of reporting and their uses, including: 

  1. Real-time reports 
  2. User notifications 
  3. Data mining
  4. Customized reports for publishing

We will demo examples from the CNDA at Washington University of customized reports and notifications, and will walk through the process of building our own working examples. We will also touch briefly on the emerging uses of data visualization, both inside and outside XNAT.


See Resources for reporting talk.


  • Define report and its data requirements
  • Build a Stored Search and propagate it for your project users
  • Employ custom queries to get data that XNAT cannot easily deliver in the UI

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