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How To Use Spatial Chat in the XNAT Workshop

We are using the collaborative/social platform Spatial Chat to host the first ever XNAT Virtual Poster Session. This platform is a fun and engaging way to allow us to freely wander through multiple poster rooms, listen in and join into conversations, and socialize just as you would in real life. Or, close to it. Here is how it will work.

Spatial Chat allows us to create virtual "Rooms" where multiple poster presentations can be housed. We have created multiple rooms where posters are organized by topic area. Attendees will be able to move from poster to poster, and engage in conversations with poster authors in a free-flowing way. As you move your avatar icon from room to room, or from poster to poster, Spatial Chat will use your proximity to other users' icons to adjust the volume level of your conversation. Thus, hundreds of users can be on the platform at a time, engaging in dozens of simultaneous conversations without being overwhelmed by background noise.

There is a limit of 50 users for each individual room

Additional spaces:

  • "Movie Theaters" – Rooms where you can go to watch video presentations running on a loop. No talking allowed!
  • "Main Stage" – This will host our wrap-up presentation
  • "XNAT Demos" – Get introduced to core XNAT functionality and get walkthroughs of advanced features and uses
  • "Private Rooms" – See the Registration Desk in the Lobby area to set up a private room, if you want to invite select others into a private conversation
  • "Relaxation Spaces" – Open rooms without posters or anything else, where everyone can socialize
  • "Conference Admin" – Give us feedback! How did you like this year's conference? What ideas do you have for our next one?

Guidance on Attending the Poster Session with Spatial Chat

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