Thank you to everyone who participated in this year's workshop!

About the 2021 XNAT Workshop

The XNAT Team, in partnership with the Institute of Cancer Research, Cancer Research UK's National Cancer Imaging Translational Accelerator (NCITA) and the Health and Bioscience IDEAS training program at University College London, hosted a two-day virtual workshop starting September 13, 2021. We had more than 300 registrants and 200 participants across the two sessions, including a fantastic and engaging virtual live poster session.

We are posting videos of the proceedings inside the agenda below, and we will publish links to everyone's hosted posters in the poster session listing.

Workshop Agenda

Day 1: PI Focus

The first day's agenda focuses on the high level business impetus for XNAT and its future development. How has XNAT grown and improved to support imaging research PIs? How can it continue to improve?

"Opening Remarks"

Presented by Dan Marcus, director of the XNAT development team and head of the Computational Imaging Laboratories (CIL) at Washington University in St Louis.

"XNAT – Past, Present, and Future"

Presented by Dan Marcus

"Round Table: Deployment Strategies for Scalable XNATs"

Hosted by Chip Schweiss, director of IT Operations at the CIL.

Panelists: Brian Holt (Radiologics), Bennett Landman (Vanderbilt), Chris Cannistraci (Mt. Sinai)

"Case Study: Using XNAT in Cancer Imaging Research"

Case Study 1: "Using XNAT with Ovarian Cancer Imaging"

Presented by Ramona Woitek, University of Cambridge

Case Study 2: "Data Challenges for AI in Cancer Research"

Presented by Simon Doran, Institute of Cancer Research, London

"Round Table: Supporting Machine Learning with XNAT"

Hosted by Marc Modat, Kings College London.

Participants: Aaron Mintz (Washington University School of Medicine), Jorge Cardoso (Kings College London), Ahmed Harouni (NVIDIA Clara)

"Case Study: Supporting Large Computational Datasets with the MIR Research Imaging Repository (MIRRIR)"

Presented by Michael Hileman, CIL

"Round Table: XNAT in Translational Research"

Hosted by Dave Cash, University College London

Participants: Pam LaMontagne (CIL), Mark White (National Health Service UK), Marcel Koek (Erasmus MC)

Day 2: Technical Focus

The second day's agenda is geared toward experienced XNAT developers and administrators, providing an opportunity to dive deeper into the details of working with XNAT.

XNAT Development Town Hall: "Image Viewing and Annotation"

Hosted by Simon Doran, Institute for Cancer Research, London

Panelists: James D'Arcy (ICR UK), Mo Alsad (Imperial College London), Lorena Escudero (University of Cambridge) and special guest Kate Alpert (Radiologics)

XNAT Development Town Hall: "XNAT Container Services"

Hosted by Matt Kelsey, Washington University School of Medicine

Panelists: Sarah Keefe (Washington University School of Medicine), Kate Alpert (Radiologics), Baxter Rogers (Vanderbilt University), and Ryan Sullivan (University of Sydney)

Other Participants: Pradeep Reddy Raamana (University of Pittsburgh), Isabel Restrepo (Brown University), David Cash (University College London), Simon Doran (Institute for Cancer Research, London), and Alexander Bartnik (SUNY Buffalo)

XNAT Development Town Hall: "XNAT Integrations with Other Applications"

Hosted by Dan Marcus, Washington University in St Louis

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XNAT Development Town Hall: "XNAT Federation"

Hosted by Tim Olsen, Radiologics

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XNAT Workshop Virtual Poster Session

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