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XW2021 Case Study: Data Challenges for AI in Cancer Research

Time: Day 1, 10:45 – 11:00 am CDT

Presenter: Simon Doran, Institute of Cancer Research, London

Questions and Answers

When possible and as time permitted, questions that were brought up in the Q&A module during each talk were addressed in real time by the presenter. Other responses were entered in the Q&A interface itself. Those written responses are included below.

Is there going to be a demo of how to containarize a software/package and integrate it in XNAT? If so will that be in a case study or tomorrow in the Development Town Hall?
  • From Matt Kelsey: "I'll have a poster detailing some of those steps tomorrow in SpatialChat - PR5.  Please visit and I'll be happy to walk you through."
What toolkits have you employed to extend OHIF visualization capabilities?
  • Hi Eve, the OHIF viewer is built in JavaScript, using the React development framework. Chat to my NCITA colleague Mo Al Sad during the poster session.
What is your mechanism for searching across all 7 NCITA partners? We're looking at building a portal for the Australian federation with 12 partners. Custom plugin?(Answered Live in Session)
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