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XW2021 Case Study: Supporting Large Computational Datasets with the MIR Research Imaging Repository (MIRRIR)

Time: Day 1, 11:45 am – 12:15 pm CDT

Presenter: Michael Hileman, CIL

Questions and Answers

When possible and as time permitted, questions that were brought up in the Q&A module during each talk were addressed in real time by the presenter. Other responses were entered in the Q&A interface itself. Those written responses are included below.

How do you profile incoming studies into a specific XNAT project? In your future plans to step away from CTP and utilize the DICOM Q/R plugin, how do you envision profiling incoming studies into a specific XNAT project?(Answered live in session)
Why you need HL7 (meta)data for? Is being used by elasticsearch tools for querying/filtering the data?
  • Yes, we're using the HL7 data to build cohorts in elasticsearch. ES is known for full text search, which is great for the full report text, and then filtering by institution, body part, ICD-10 codes is really useful to help a researcher find a cohort to study.
Mike, thank you for the presentation. Do you routinely collect or plan to collect additional information from HIS such as clinical encounters or non-imaging lab reports?
  • Answered live
  • That data is stored external to PACS (in EPIC) and would require additional allowances/connections to clinical data
Where can you download the XNAT DICOM Q/R, and rapid reader plugin?
  • DQR Plugin is currently available at The Rapid Reader plugin is not yet publicly available.
  • It's worth adding that when Rapid Reader is released, it will also be available at that URL
Does new v1.8.3 or 1.8.2 for that matter work when data is in cold storage and needs to get spun up?  Or does it currently time out with errors
  • We recommend you ask this question directly with a leader or panelist during spatial chat, they will be able to give you a detailed answer.
Can you talk about how you archive the data?(Answered live in session)
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