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XW2021 Case Study: Using XNAT with Ovarian Cancer Imaging

Time: Day 1, 10:30 - 10:45 am CDT

Presenter: Ramona Woitek, University of Cambridge

Questions and Answers

Did you use the XNAT NVIDIA integration for radiomics analysis?

(Answered live in session)

How does NVIDA segmentation platform integrate with XNAT platform?(Answered live in session)
How are you handling your pathology data? We have some projects using OMERO+QuPath but another project that wants to store it all in XNAT so they can integrate pathology and DICOM from the same location(Answered live in session)
Have not started on the features of ML, but that's really cool doing auto-segmentation in OHIF. Is there any extra setting for OHIF to work with NIVDIA?(Answered live in session)
How are you generally receiving images from sites? XNAT Desktop software, disc, other?
  • Answered Live
  • Little XSync :) and lots of sftp :( for us
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